Final Exam

With the end of the school year, final exams are an opportunity for our students to demonstrate the skills they have learned. Students are expected to approach these exams with confidence and determination. Students are requested to answer the questions calmly and with focus.


We would like to express our condolences on the passing of the honorable President of Iran and his companions. We would like to inform you that, following the government's announcement, all exams for this week will not be held until the end of , 1403/3/2.

Exams for the next week will be held according to the exam schedule.


►Bring your own water bottle to the exam session. 
►All exams start exactly at 8:00 AM.  
►Arrive at the examination room at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. 
►Follow the seating arrangement specified by the school. 
►Bring your school identification card and place it on your desk during the exam. 
►Bring only the necessary writing materials, such as pens, pencils, erasers, and rulers. 
►Electronic devices, including cell phones and smart watches, are strictly prohibited. 
►Wait quietly for the exam papers to be distributed. 
►Carefully read the instructions and questions before starting to write. 
►Write your full name, grade, class, and seat number clearly on all test papers. 
►Maintain complete silence during the examination. 
►Avoid any form of communication with fellow students once the exam has begun.
►Students are not allowed to leave the examination room within the first 30 minutes of the exam. 
►Any unauthorized materials found in your possession during the exam will result in disciplinary action. 
►Refrain from any form of cheating or attempting to use unauthorized aids. 
►Stop writing immediately when instructed to do so. 
►Hand in your test papers to the proctors before leaving the examination room. 
►Follow the instructions given by the proctors at all times. 

►Any Violations can result in disqualification from the examination and a zero score.

Second Semester Final Exam Schedule

Sample question link

Please note that the question archive is only provided for additional practice for students and the format and content of questions may differ from the final exams. These questions are not similar to your end-of-term exams.

Release date: 1403/02/24