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French competition winners
  1st place Ali Gorgani 2nd place Mohammad Mahdi Moradi 3rd place Reza Rastegari ...View Article 
An introduction webinar regarding IB Diploma Program
Dear parents and students of grade 10 You are hereby invited to take part in an Introduction to IB Diploma Program webinar held on ...View Article 
participation in online classes
Please be advised that active and continuous participation in the online classes is the main evaluating factor in the second semester and thus absentees without acceptance reasons would result in ...View Article 
گزارش فعالیت های برخط مجتمع پسران - سال تحصیلی 99-1398
گزارش فعالیت های برخط مجتمع پسران - سال تحصیلی 99-1398 ...View Article 
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Weekly schedule for online classes 2020/2021
...View Article 
Arabic Language
Dear students,  Tehran International School has decided to add a new optional language to Second Language subject. So from now on you get to choose among  Arabic, French and German. ...View Article 
wearing face covering mask
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Flue Prevention tips
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