School year

The school year is devided into two terms as the following:
First Term : September 23 - December 24
Second Term : January 2 - June 20

 Language of Instruction


 Goals and organization of the classes

 The goals and organization of the classes have been designed in regard to international standards.


 After completing 10th Grade in T.I.S., students can choose whether to continue T.I.S. system classes or to enter I.B. (the International Baccalaureate Program).

If a student chooses to continue T.I.S. system, he will receive a T.I.S. High School Diploma at the end of his school career.

Normally, the T.I.S. Diploma is recognized by most universities outside Iran. Students who plan to stay in Iran can apply to and enter a local university.

If a student tends to enter I.B., he will receive the I.B. diploma after completing his schooling career.


T.I.S. students

Since its establishment, T.I.S. has enrolled students from different ethnic groups with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds .Currently studying at our school are students from different countries.


The mainframe of the syllabus at the T.I.S complies with the syllabus presented in international schools around the world. To further the considered educational objectives, the most up-to-date textbooks are offered in the curriculum for students of all ages, all of which are under the supervision of the school board's experts whose job is to evaluate texts and teaching techniques of International Schools. It should be mentioned that many of our students are now attending the popular universities around the world.

The variety of subjects offered to students of T.I.S from grade six to twelve are as follow:
Math,Sciences (Biology , Chemistry , Physics ) , Art , Farsi , Computer , English , Literature , General English , Social Science , French / German , Ethics and Physical Education. Furthermore, the passing grade for all the subjects is 50 out of 100.
All school books (except for the second languages and Farsi) are written in English



T.I.S. takes pride in having employed many experienced staff in Iran's educational system, holding university degrees in Iran or abroad. Some of these teachers have been selected from amongst top instructors of the Iranian Ministry of Education.



The school tries to help the students in having a transport system which takes them to school in the morning and returns when school is over.



Where do I register my son?

To register your son at T.I.S., please come to the Registration Office in our school.

You can find our address under "Contact us".


What are the admission requirements?

The Curriculum Board evaluates all academic records prior to registration.

Students must have good command of English as it is the language of instruction.

In some instances, students may be required to take placement tests, which are administered in English. The areas covered include English literature, Mathematics and Sciences.

Under specific conditions, Iranian students returning to Iran after studying in schools abroad are given the opportunity to place into the International School system. Requests for these students must be submitted in writing form. For more information you can contact the school directly.


What do I need to do to register my son?

You'll need to bring the following documents:

- 6 passport-sized photos

-Copies of all written pages of the student's and the parents's passport

- All original report cards signed and sealed by the Iranian Embassy (in the country you have studied) or    by the Foreign Ministry of Iran.

- A residence visa, if your son is a foreigner.

- A vaccination card, if your son is to go to primary school or 6 and 9 grades

- A permission letter from the Department of Education of Schools abroad in Iran.


Where is the Department of Education of Schools abroad?

Sepahbod Qarani St. Alaghemandan building 8th floor

For more information you may call 82281111-82284207

You can also send us an e-mail:

The lady in charge of registration is Ms.  Maleki

From June 22 till August 23, T.I.S.  is open only on

Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.




The tuition for the curriculum year 2017-2018 is as follows:(Prices in Rls.)

Middle School   = 79000000

High School       = 12000000

I.B. School         = 19000000